Dieselban Company known as a buyer and seller of diesel and gas generators and a marketer of industrial machinery

With years of experience, Dieselban offers trade of diesel/gas generators and small-scale power plants in Europe, Middle East and Iran. We buy new and previously owned equipment from all famous high performance brand name manufacturers all over Europe. So, if you plan to sell any of them do not hesitate to contact us. Dieselban provides a wide range of services regarding import, export and trade of industrial machines to its customers. Our company plays its role as an interface to facilitate your business affairs. Our core focus is on trade, assemble and disassemble of diesel/gas generators and small-scale used power plants. So, if you want to disassemble and sell a small power plant don’t worry! this is the right place, all you need is to contact us today. Moreover, if you are seeking a used power plant to buy, we will take care of that. Finally, having your equipment specification, we also perform an effective marketing plan for you.

Other services provided by Dieselban:

CNC, Air Compressor, Refrigeration Compressor, Simesns plc

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